Will the Nazi and Fascist take over the US government and the presidency?

No one expected another Republican would win the presidential elections on the first Tuesday in November of the year 2008. Today, Tuesday, January 2009, the inauguration of the new President of the United States was about to begin.
With the re-birth of the neo-Nazi party under a new name and a facelift, the World Socialist Party became the backbone of this renovated party, of whom Christopher Kennedy ranked high among the party leaders. The G.P.M.R.P - Global Progressive Multi-Capitalistic Reform Party was just a façade, a front-end to an aggressive and dangerous worldwide three hundred million strong hardcore Nazi members.
The question in Christopher’s mind was how he could use three hundred million worldwide members and a sixteen million-man militia to suit his personal goals.
The Nazi parade of Division flags. Carmine red for the General Staff. Pink for the Armor division. Golden yellow for Armored reconnaissance. Red for Artillery. Coral red for Antiaircraft artillery. Black for Engineering. Grass green for Infantry. Blue for Technical troops. Light gray for Army aviation. Crimson for Nuclear and chemical defense. Orange for Military police. Dark blue for medical. 
Under a massive wave of colored divisional flags and swastika banners, Rudolph Denzler stood on the podium. “Männer von Mut … Men of courage, victory day is near. Let me borrow your silence for a few minutes while our Führer address you on this glorious day.”
Will Christopher succeed in electing a hard-core Nazi, his son, as the United States next President? 
What was Christopher’s real goal behind seizing power o the greatest country in the world? Was it vengeance against the Jews who hanged his grandfather? Destroying a State? Or world war III?
Treason Price for a State is the book you need to read to discover what is on Christopher Kennedy agenda and his plans for the world. 

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