Chapter one: Who is Lawrence Hughes. Who was his father? Who is the mystery man at Kennedy Airport?
Chapter two: Meet the team, their physical description, and their strong suit. 
Chapter three: The mystery man envelope, what’s in it, why is it in Hebrew. Lawrence dream and the conversation between historians.
Chapter four: The team debates their faith. The NNAM who are they? Lawrie shares his plan. 
Chapter five: The team mission. Their role. The logistics. The attempt on their life. The waitress, and the mysterious man who dies in Lawrie’s arms.
Chapter six: The Vatican. The way to Turin. Meeting the Pope. The assassination of a Cardinal.
Chapter seven: Examining the Shroud of Turin. Cathedrale di San Giovanni Battista. Celebration at Scannabue Café. A second attempt on their life by the NNAM.
Chapter eight: Establishing a lab and a surgery room. The trip to Oviedo, Spain. Stealing fibers from the Sudarium. Camara Santa of the Cathedral of San Salvador. 
Chapter nine: Attempt on Thomas’ life. Jessica and her lab. Who’s 3-D portray from Kaitlin’s FLIR camera. Analysis and conclusion results of the Shroud and the Sudarium.
Chapter ten: Another attempt by the NNAM. A map by Father Conor of their journey to the Holy Land. Jessica’s plan to clone Jesus and the creation of a replica. The contribution of Brevard.
Chapter eleven: Arriving to Tel-Aviv. Hotel Alexander. A Mid-eastern dinner at Dallal Restaurant. Attempt on Timothy’s life.
Chapter twelve: Acquiring excavation tools. December 28 three days after Christmas. At Bishara Guest House in Nazareth. Brevard identifies the archaeological sites. Meet Hayem Barlevi. Dining at Al-Sheikh Arabic food.
Chapter thirteen: Hayem’s plan to excavate Jesus’ house. The convent of the Sisters of Nazareth. Breaking into the Church of the Annunciation. The dungeon. Jesus’ house description. The secret passage. Jessica Jesus’ replica and the procedure.
Chapter fourteen: The early Christians fish symbol explanation by Brevard. Jesus’ house artifacts. Lawrence’s temper description. The story of the true Cross, make, year, and size.
Chapter fifteen: Galilee and the way to Capernaum. Lawrence’s thoughts of the future. Visiting Cana. Using the GPR in excavating a cave.
Chapter sixteen: Jesus Trail on bicycles. The nature. Ginosar and the Sea of Galilee. Sailing Jesus’s boat to Capernaum and the attempt to drown them. Walking the beach where Jesus cooked breakfast to His disciples.
Chapter seventeen: Sojourn in Capernaum. Grey and cold nights. Breaking into where Jesus lived in Capernaum, and what did they find.
Chapter eighteen: Visit to Mount of Beatitudes. Trip to Jordan to where Jesus was baptized in the Dead Sea. Thursday, January twelve the visit to Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity.
Chapter nineteen: To David Citadel hotel in Jerusalem. Walking the Via Dolorosa. The route to Golgotha. What are they planning that they might end up in jail.
Chapter twenty: The plan of breaking into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The subterranean map. Walking Jesus’s footsteps.
Chapter twenty-one: The NNAM blow up a café. The Church of ECCE Homo. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jesus tomb, and Golgotha.
Chapter twenty-two: Braking into Jesus’s tomb, Golgotha, and Veronica’s house. Excavating and finding relics.
Chapter twenty-three: Robert confront NNAM members face-to-face. Robert in a coma. 
Chapter twenty-four: Joseph of Arimathea’s house. The way to a-RAM. 
Chapter twenty-five: The awakening of Jesus. Jessica brings life to Jesus. How? The procedure. Lawrence back in Rome.
Chapter twenty-six: Jesus’s voice is recorded using a Mel device. He speaks in Aramaic.
Chapter twenty-seven: It’s been eleven weeks since they started the mission. Jessica’s confession. Description of Lawrence feelings. Analyzing the collected artifacts. DNA found, the explanation. Lawrence conviction. Tracing Joseph of Arimathea.
Chapter twenty-eight: Glastonbury and Weary Way. Lady Chapel excavation. Description of the ruins.
Chapter twenty-nine: Resolving the map found in Joseph’s trunk. The visit to West Cemetery and Circle of Lebanon. 
Chapter thirty: What’s in Joseph’s trunk. A scroll in Greek?
Chapter thirty-one: The analysis of Jesus’ voice. Authentication details and carbon-dating of the papyrus. Jesus’ chromosomes.
Chapter thirty-two: The truth revealed and presented to world religious leaders. Attempt on Lawrence life. The wrath of God then came peace.
Chapter thirty-three: What happened to Kayla and Jessica. The sad and joyful ending.

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