The Coronavirus (CoVid-19) story is being reported by two virtual doctors, Dr. Robert Landau and his wife Dr. Deborah Sanders, both Harvard graduates.
After visiting the core lab of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and witness the Chinese scientists and lab specialists in action, they joined the White House Coronavirus Task Force as record keepers and report the Virus’s impact on the world’s and the US social life and the economy.
One Chinese Virologist, in particular, got the reporter's attention. She spent years researching bats and coronaviruses; she was the first to locate the key to how coronaviruses can overcome cross-species barriers in order to infect human bodies directly. She was the first to discover that the SARS virus was the result of the restructuring of multiple SARS-like coronaviruses found in bats, her name is Shi Zhengli, ‘China Bat Woman’ and she may be an important link to the origin of the virus.
Further investigations show that Shi has been a figure of controversy since the Wuhan virus outbreak, this is due to a paper she published in 2015 discussing her own research into Synthetic viruses. A media company with ties to the CCP – Chinese Communist Party interviewed her in an attempt to refute these rumors.
Shi is one of the top experts on coronavirus in WIV produced many publications from collecting and identifying bed coronavirus from bat caves; her lab had these capacities and very sophisticated capacity to generate mutations to make it best feed in human expression as well.
So what is Dr. Robert and Dr. Deborah reporting?
White House Coronavirus Task Force and Operation Warp Speed
Wuhan Laboratory
Traditional media and social media reporting on the virus
Stay safe guidelines
Treatments and Vaccines
Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates
Known world conspiracies
Scientists and experts controversy
President Trump the PPP and the PPE and CARES ACT
Quantum Dot, ID2020 and Deep State
Three bats ‘S’ Protein into one and 100% Amino Acid and the virus Genome
ACE2 Receptors
The fallout of the economy and the lockdown and shutting down the country
PCR Testing and false results
Panic, Havoc and Fear and empty grocery stores
Travel bans
The spread
Trump vs. WHO
China and WHO Collusion